Danish Army's Experimentation in Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) Simulation Integration Continues

In late 2017, the Danish Army Combat & Fire Support Centre held a successful technical integration workshop using a federated, fully correlated LVC environment that integrated a number of systems, including: 

  • Titan Vanguard for Dismounted Infantry, Artillery and UAV feeds;
  • Steel Beasts Professional (SB Pro);
  • The Danish Army’s Battle Management System (Sitaware);
  • JCATS demonstrating constructive integration.
  • Calytrix LVC Cost Counter

With the participation of Danish soldiers and in cooperation and support of Calytrix Technologies and  ALDSU Consultancy, Terranis Systems helped design and implement the Combined Arms Simulated Exercise that assessed the training benefit of integrating SB Pro tank simulation from eSim Games with Titan Vanguard from Calyrtrix-TitanIM.  The virtual exercise focused on integrating the two virtual environments, mounting and dismounting infantry within a Combined Arms Assault of a village.  

Throughout the activity trainees were required to communicate over their virtual radios and use their BMS to input information and share it among one another as they tracked friendly and hostile activity in the objective area.  

Key Technical Objective Achieved
The Workshop succeeded in meeting the key technical Objective; to demonstrate that various LVC systems could be successfully integrated to allow the delivery of simulation-supported training that truly blends live, virtual and constructive systems into one environment.

Dr. Tim Pokorny, Calytrix’s CTO commented:
"A key strength of Vanguard is the proven LVC integration foundation that it leverages to connect with other systems. Building on a decade of delivering such tools, the level of integration and correlation that has been achieved between these varied systems today far surpasses that of legacy applications. The speed with which the Combat Centre staff here in Oksbol have been able to add both a constructive wrap and most critically, a link to the Danish Army's Battle Management System, shows how simple these activities can be and has let us focus on the training aspect of this application rather than just the technology." 

One picture 5 systems connected over DIS: BMS, Titan, JCATS, LVC-CC, SBPro
Infantry players using Titan Vanguard could Mount/dis Mount from the SBPro controlled CV9035DK
Infantry players using Titan Vanguard could Mount/dis Mount from the SBPro controlled CV9035DK
View from the REDCell playing Titan Vanguard and SBPro combined: Left Gunner in Titan operating the Dshk 12.7 RIGHT: Technical "Toyhota" Operated in SBPro simultanosly. Connection using DIS V7 using the Calytrix LVC-Gateway