Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE).


MACE (Modern Air Combat Environment) is a physics-based, full spectrum Computer Generated /SemiAutomated Forces (CGF/SAF) application with a large and user-extensible order of battle, capable of many-on-many simulation yet having very high fidelity at the engagement level. MACE can simulate advanced, 5th generation systems including low observable platforms and Active and Passively Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA and PESA radar) as well as highly contested battlespaces. MACE supports the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) architecture including simulation management, entity state, fire, detonate and emissions PDUs. MACE is ideally suited for both standalone scenario creation/mission rehearsal and distributed mission simulation. MACE is certified for use on the USAF’s Distributed Mission Operations Network (DMON) and is a Combat Air Force Distributed Mission Operations (CAF DMO) approved CGF/SAF.



MACE can simulate highly contested battlespaces including full Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) comprised of Early Warning, Acquisition, Height Finding and Target Tracking radar. In fact, MACE can also simulate advanced, 5th -generation AESA and PESA radar over DIS. Each sensor is modeled down to the pulse level to include the dynamic generation of high-fidelity emitter audio. MACE simulates airto-air and surface-to-air missile fly-outs and air-to-ground weapons and ballistics. Instructors can make real-time, dynamic inputs into the scenario by adding or moving threats, including both surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems and aircraft equipped with airborne radar and air-to-air missiles. The MACE user interface makes managing the scenario simple. MACE allows users to add and remove entities, reload weapons, employ weapons, input environmental factors, direct electronic attack and perform a variety of analysis functions without any scenario interruption.