Add on and modifications to the GDW ASSAULT Boardgame series
Assault - Tactical Combat in Europe: 1985, is the first game in the Assault series of games.
Assault postulates a conventional conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union in the European environment in 1985."
Assault, the first game in the Assault Series, includes U.S. and Soviet ground forces.
The game uses 250 meter hexes, 5 minute turns, and platoon/section sized units.

MODS for Air&Armor from West End Games,

Instead of granting NATO units combat strengths far higher than the Soviet strengths to compensate for inferior numbers, the game emphasizes the doctrinal and command differences between the opposing armies that provide NATO with the force multiplier it needs to survive. Players operate asymmetric command systems, and each is challenged to get the most out of his system. The game system also creates a true "fog of war" environment in which deception, outguessing your opponent and tactical surprise can pay off handsomely.
Game Scale:
1 hex = 1 mile
1 turn = 2 hours (day), 6 hours (night)
Each unit step = 1 company or Warsaw Pact artillery battalion, 3-4 aircraft

New GIS Based Map "Vseruby-GAP" for ASSAULT
80x45km new GIS based A&A map