MaterialMAP from TerraSim® is a low-cost, stand-alone application that creates surface material maps from imagery, while simultaneously understanding the unique attribution requirements for multiple modeling and simulation runtimes, such as VBS2, Steel Beasts, OneSAF OTF, and JSAF CTDB. These material maps can be used in simulation runtimes to determine entity mobility and routing, runtime visual effects, and sensor simulation.

MaterialMAP uses an intuitive interative system to create a series of user-defined surface material classes, which can then be used to classify image pixels. MaterialMAP's processing tools can reduce the complexity and noise in a surface material map to eliminate unnecessary detail, and its aggregation tools can create a material map ingestable by a variety of runtimes.

MaterialMAP features these core functionalities:

  • Import imagery in standard formats, including ECW, GeoTIFF, JPEG, and PNG
  • Support color and multispectral image classification
  • Create sample classifications and reuse spectral class properties with new imagery
  • Develop alternative classification strategies and rapidly visualize intermediate classification results
  • Use processing tools to eliminate small regions and noise
  • Use MaterialMAP's processing history to select the best classification results
  • Export classified imagery to vector and image formats, including ESRI Shapefile, GeoTIFF, PNG, and JPEG
  • Export material maps for constructive simulations (OneSAF OTF, JointSAF CTDB) and serious game runtimes (VBS2, Steel Beasts, Havok Vision Engine)
MaterialMAP: work in progress
MaterialMAP: work in progress
MaterialMAP: Classification
MaterialMAP: Classification
SBPro/Sweden: Pre MaterialMAP Data Import
SBPro/Sweden: after MaterialMAP Import!
SBPro/Georgia: Pre MaterialMAP Import
SBPro/Georgia: After MaterialMAP Import