TerraSim develops and markets TerraTools®, The Complete Synthetic Environment Toolkit and TerraSim Xtract™. Various plug-ins and extensions for TerraSim products are constantly being researched, developed, and released.


TerraTools automatically transforms raw cartographic and GIS data into complex 3D visualizations suitable for real-time driving or flight simulation.


TerraTools provides an easy-to-use interface for its powerful terrain and feature generation tools, enabling users to rapidly construct complex geospecific virtual worlds without tedious manual modeling.


In many cases, GIS source data can be freely downloaded from the internet and converted to a realistic 3D environment in a matter of hours. TerraTools supports the integration of custom GIS source data, CAD models, and design and architectural models, producing highly accurate environments for urban, suburban, and natural environments.


TerraTools is supported on Windows XP/Vista /7 workstations.


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