FLEX-air is a PC Desktop application built to interact with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, providing all the tools our clients require to develop customized pilot displays and instrumentation.

Along with representative flight models and air environments, FLEX-air supports hundreds of concurrent simulated cockpit stations in multiple seats, for true joint training potential in multiple industries.

In addition, FLEX-air's flexible toolset and plug-in architecture allows our clients to:


  • Create brand new instrumentation lay-outs for any cockpit configuration they require.
  • Plugin to custom, stand-alone Flight Simulation applications.
  • Extend functionality through a LUA scripting interface.
  • Add custom 3D models with support for multiple vehicle types (fixed wing, rotary wing).
  • Model custom weapons, RADAR and sensor capabilities.
  • Fly UAV through our networked control functionality (with purchase of UAV plugin.

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