The Smart Scenario Generator (SSG) - the SSG is an advance scenario generation framework enabling rapid development of advanced simulation solutions.

SSG is developed by the Israeli company Hartech in Tel Aviv

SSG is different to other constructive simulation systems.

What IF:

  • How should I deploy my SAM battery for maximum effect?
  • Will my Stealth-Corvette without a SAM system work in a High intensity engagement?
  • How can I saturate/Jam or destroy the S-300 Battery?
  • What effect will the this Doctrine have on my Combined Arms Team?

SSG provides:

  • Massive entity count.
  • Most impressive technical editable Database on the planet...
  • Doctrine and Behaviour based AI
  • anybody can quickly adapt change and re-configure the Doctrine and Behaviour using Structure flow chart GUI..(NO need for C++/LUA)
  • Highly detailed configurable Radar,Thermal, acoustic properties.
  • In build DIS/HLA gateway provides connectivity to Synthetic training environment such as Titan Vanguard, SBPro etc
  • Accurately simulates Land-Naval-Air units from individual level up to Brigade.

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